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The Indian Papoose was shipped to the USA and rebadged with the Indian marquee shield "Indian Papoose".
The Little motorcycle was actually a Corgi built by Brockhouse Engineering of Southport Britain and was an Welbike inspired styled motorcycle.
Sold Here in the USA From 1947 to 1953 even after Indian bankrupt, all the way up into the year 1954.
Sold through department Stores in the United States.
The Little Papoose also had sidecars available built by Brockhouse, KVP, Feridax and Vodac.
The Welbike was built from 1942 to 1948 by Excelsior of England for the British armed forces to be used by air commandos and paratroopers.
Excelsior of Tysley, Birmingham England.
This tiny folding motorcycle designed to be dropped by parachute for use by British special forces.
The United States and Germany both built Excelsior motorcycles but were not
related to the Excelsior of England.


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